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Chief Investment Officer

Corine is the Chief Investment Officer of IM Fndng. She supervises the matching and insurance capital process and manages the work of the analytical team. Corine is responsible for IM Fndng operations, including deal sourcing, investment project evaluation and valuation, business models validation, value creation, mentoring, and supervision of exits from investments.

Prior to joining IM Fndng, Corine was a Director at SHUAA, UAE, where her responsibilities included Product Development, Project Management, and Operations. In 2006 and 2007, Corine worked as an assistant fund manager on several regional funds representing $1 Billion in AUMs.

Corine holds a Masters from Paris IX Dauphine, an Executive Certification from HBS with emphasis on PEVC, an Executive Certification from MIT, through IM Capital, with emphasis on Venture Mentorship, is a member of LLWB, a member Seeders LWAF Angel group and RTE3.