Apr 01, 2022
Seeders - LWAF Group General Assembly and Portfolio Review
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On Friday, April 1, 2022, IM Capital organized a gathering for the Seeders – LWAF community, from 4:00 pm till 7:00 pm at Mayrig restaurant.

Angel groups from Seeders 2016, Seeders – LWAF 2017, Seeders – LWAF 2018 and Seeders – LWAF 2019 gathered for their General Assembly and quarterly Portfolio Review.

Dr. Nicolas Rouhana, Chairman & CEO of IM Capital, kicked off the event with an introduction about the Lebanese ecosystem, IM programs and the Seeders - LWAF 2019 Accelerator, with a special mention and thanks to the Angels Accelerator jury & coaches.
The event also comprised of live presentations by Seeders – LWAF portfolio companies who shared updates on their operations, status and future plans.

o Startups for Seeders 2016: Moodfit and MAD
o Startups for Seeders – LWAF 2017: Geek Express
o Startups for Seeders – LWAF 2018: In2 and Fly-Foot
o Startups for Seeders – LWAF 2019 Accelerator: Digital Prestige

The presentations were followed by a networking cocktail.