Jun 27, 2022
Sami Saad, Panelist at UN-ESCWA & DxTalks' Expert Group Meeting
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On Monday, June 27, UN-ESCWA & DxTalks hosted an Expert Group Meeting that included a panel discussion titled “Supporting Digital Entrepreneurs & SMEs and Building a Resilient Digital Economy”. The meeting took place at the UN House Beirut from 10:00 am till 2:00 pm.

This panel was formed by the entrepreneur ecosystem, private sector, and technology experts to discuss the role of each of the SMEs, private, community sectors, and entrepreneurs and to recommend the next steps needed in building a robust holistic approach geared towards allowing digital trade to be the backbone of the country’s economic transformation. This panel was to provide a set of recommendations (i) to outline a roadmap for strengthening the Lebanese Digital Economy and (ii) to put in place a framework for supporting local digital entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Sami Saad, VP Investment at IM Fndng, was invited to join as a panelist along with:
o Mr. Kareem Hassan, Executive Director, ESCWA Technology Centre (Virtual)
o Mrs. Lynda Achkouty, Entrepreneurship Centre MiNe
o Mrs. Kim Mouawad, Senior Community Manager, Beirut Digital District (BDD)