Sep 05, 2022
Nicolas Rouhana, Speaker at the regional roundtable meeting on “Impact Investments” under the SEMD project
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Under the scope of the SEMD (Strengthening Social Entrepreneurship for Migration and Development) project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, Dr. Nicolas Rouhana, Chairman & CEO, was invited to the second regional roundtable meeting on “Impact Investments” that was held on Monday, September 5, 2022, in Cairo, Egypt.

This regional roundtable on “Financing mechanisms of Social Enterprises in Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon” was a multi-stakeholder event that brought together the Social Entrepreneurship Support Structure (SESTs), Social Enterprises (SEs), financial institutions and investors along with other key stakeholders from the three participating countries Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon, to explore existing financing mechanisms for social enterprises along with alternative tools being currently suggested and/or utilized.

IM Capital was invited as one key contributor to this sphere in this ecosystem. The roundtable included a panel of speakers, plenary discussions, working groups, and a networking space. Participants discussed different available financing instruments available for SEs, with an aspiration that these discussions may encourage mainstream financial institutions to be more open to fund SEs, to raise awareness about new alternative financing options, and to potentially co-create new financing mechanisms based on the exchanged experiences and the gaps identified during the day.