Oct 21, 2022
Bokja offers embroidery workshops to the Creative Space Beirut School of Design Students
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Bokja, IM portfolio company, in partnership with Creative Space Beirut - School of Design, offered five intensive workshops in embroidery to teach students the complexities of a world-class craft studio.

CSB School of Design is a tuition-free school for fashion design with an intensive three-year program.

The workshops were led by head embroiderer Abu Yusif, who spent numerous hours meticulously teaching the students how to properly use the century and a half-old embroidery machine, and the endless possibilities that come from its intricate embroidery techniques.

Bokja is preserving the local craft tradition of embroidery, both through the rekindling of the passion for this art, and by redefining it in a contemporary voice.
The beating heart of this company is a diverse team of talented individuals that have mastered the crafting of one-of-a-kind furniture and wearables.