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Elias Houayek

Elias Houayek began his career as a young engineer with high expectations. After graduating from the faculty of Engineering at Saint Joseph University in 1981, he pursued his studies at the “Ecole Superieure d’Electricite” in Paris.
Following a 5 years stint in Abu Dhabi at Mideast Data Systems, Elias was fortunate enough to be part of a new era in the telecommunication industry.
With his insight, Elias saw an opportunity in introducing the Lebanese market to a new range of IT services and cutting edge technologies, by establishing Data Consult in 1991.
A visionary at heart with a business acumen and natural leadership skills, he was able to grow the company to its current leading position.
With branches in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq & Ethiopia, Data Consult is at the forefront of Technology Providers in the region.
As CEO of Data Consult, Elias is always involved in community welfare, apparent through various civic and charity programs, student support and go green initiatives. He is also an active member of the United Nations Global Compact Initiative which fights corruption and advocates transparency, human rights and equitable labour practices.
Elias participates as a guest speaker in myriad technology summits often sharing the secret ingredients that helped in the success of Data Consult, presented to the telecommunication community with his signature humor and modest demeanor.